Get Treatment for Shortness of Breath and Other Respiratory Problems

Manage Breathing Problems by Dealing with the Root Cause

Are you having breathing difficulties or suffering from respiratory illnesses like bronchitis, asthma, or a similar condition? Do you find it hard to perform simple tasks like climbing the stairs due to breathing problems? Are you the type that spends several dollars on drugs that end up making you sick?

If that’s you, worry no more; help is here.  Polluted air impact negatively on people, causing respiratory issues such as irritation and breathing difficulties. The effects of pollution are alarming.

With this in mind, I have designed ways to help you deal with the problem head-on and breathe more freely. Over the years, I have provided several valuable information and multitudes of people to help them find the cure for a variety of conditions such as:

Tips on How to Get the Best Result Using
this Oil

To get the best results from using this oil, you may want
to try the under listed tips:
• Massage the lung section of your upper body before
bed in the evening. .
• Ensure to massage every day.
• Moderately heating the oil helps to dissolve mucus
secreted by glands and cells in your body.
• Every warm massage loosens the mucus, and help
ensures that your body gets rid of them the natural
way. Doing this enables you to feel better since you
get to breathe a lot easier.
It is advisable that you begin with your upper body since your lung section is the priority area. From there, you can gradually move to the chest area, treating it the same way as you did the lung section.

How to Use the Oil

To use this oil, you need to:
• Boil water.
• Dip a towel the warm water and allow it to get as
warm as you can tolerate.
• Press the heated towel against the upper part of
your body (the lung section).
• Repeat for between four to five times until you
begin to feel the warmth. This will help to open up
your body’s pores.
But you can also skip the first 4 steps and
start from the next step “Moderately heat …
• Moderately heat a little of the massage oil in a glass
bowl in the microwave for about 40 seconds, as
warm you can tolerate. Do not place the bottle in
the microwave.
• Place one teaspoon of the warm oil in your palms
and gently rub your palms against each other.
• After that, carefully massage the upper part of your
body (the lung section), which you just dabbed.
• Repeat this treatment four to five times and ensure
to warm the oil before use.

The warmth enables the oil to penetrate directly
into your body and reach your respiratory tubes.
• If possible massage 2 times a day.

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Benefit of the massage oil


 Also,  ensure to keep both the water and oil as warm as possible, as doing so will allow your respiratory system to get warm and release mucus better.

Alternatively, you can begin by massaging your throat area with the oil before moving down to the chest section.

After the massage, you should keep your upper body warm for some time. This allows the massage oil to penetrate deeper. To keep your body warm after the massage, you can use a blanket to cover yourself. The warmth magically helps your body.

Furthermore, massaging your airways on a daily basis helps to open them up until free breathing is achieved. As you use the oil, you will notice improvements on a day-by-day basis. Hence, you should ensure to keep yourself as warm as possible. When it comes to using this treatment method, the warmer both the oil and water are, the better your chances of quickly unblocking your

Similarly, you can use the same oil to treat facial cavities. To treat a facial cavity, use the same treatment method used for unblocking the airways. Only this time, you use warm water to massage your cheeks, forehead, and the nose area. As with the upper body area, the warmth helps to open up the pores in the face. 

Place the heated oil in your palm and rub your hands against each other. Using both hands, massage your face. 

As applicable to the chest area massage, ensure to keep your face warm after applying the oil. You can use a damp towel to keep your face warm. To do this, place the damp towel on your face.

  • Place the washcloth in the microwave for as long as 20 or 30 seconds. Repeat the process continuously for a few days. I would recommend that you avoid having cold drinks or any consumable during the massage period.

What people say?

“A while back, we used the massage oil from Soes
Sagoenie. I mean my children and I. We all
suffered from asthma and bronchitis for
years. Today, we experience no trouble. We
are grateful to Soes. “
“I have been suffering from asthma and
bronchitis since my childhood and the past
couple of weeks, I’ve visited Soes and
received her massage. Through her massage,
I could sleep well again, and I felt good the
next day. I no longer experience respiratory
distress and shortness of breath. Till this day,
I still feel good.”
Cheryl A. K.
Cheryl A. K.
“My mom, Mrs Kolai, had been short of
breath for 40 years. My mom is also a
smoker. I’ve met Mrs Sagoenie. I have to say
that my mother has used the massage oil. She
is well now. The cold is gone, and she can
breathe easily. She does not use her Ventolin
inhalations anymore.”
S. Soekhai
S. Soekhai
“For 15 years, I have suffered from
asthma. I heard of Soes’ products and
massaged myself. Now I have no more
M. Matubadal
M. Matubadal
“I had suffered very long from asthma. The
massage oil has helped me.”
S. Manna
S. Manna
“Hi Soes. I have no complaints anymore! It
works great!! Unfortunately, my massage oil ran out!
Perfect, thank you so much. Regards.”

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